Height Increasing Insoles For Men

I remember exactly how I felt the first time when a woman told me "you are so short I don't date short guys" and then she just left. I heard it so many times and every time a piece of my heart got crushed more and more. 

I tried online dating and I tried various dating apps and often it happens that the woman on the other side of the phone doesn't ask me how tall I am or maybe they just assume that I am tall. Maybe I look a lot taller on my profile pictures than in real life. I really have no idea what it is. But then every time I go to my date instead of a "Hey, how are you?" or "Hi, Nice to meet you" I always hear "you are so short" or "you are much shorter than I expected" or "I thought you are much taller" and on top of that I get that weird look like I'm not a human any more like I am not worth living anymore just because of my height. It's not like I can change the fact that I am small, I just didn't win the genetic lottery. 

And therefore every time I go on a date instead of having fun I go home with a broken heart. Some of the women leave right away others continue to go on a date with me by telling me that they will not meet me again because of my height. I guess they just go because they expect me to pay and in fact that is how it always ends. 

I really don't know what I should do about it and how I should feel since I don't think I will ever meet a woman that will like me for who I really am. When I was younger I often thought about suicide because of my height. On top of that I even tried to commit suicide a couple of times. I was really hurt and depressed and I just couldn't find any help. So I was helplessly living with my depression and know body knew about it.

But as life goes on I have learned to accept and to live with my height and at some point in life when you get older you realize that it's just the opinion of other people so you help yourself by simply not carrying anymore. 

I just wanna wish all the men who struggle with the same issue the best and that the should love themselves and don't care about what other people say about them especially women. Know that there will come a time when you will accept yourself and you will learn to love yourself. 

Height Increasing Insoles For Men

On top of that now that I'm older I am not afraid anymore to use products to increase my height. I feel more confident when I wear Height Increasing Insoles For Men and I am not ashamed of it. 

So every time I go out I put my Height Increasing Insoles For Men on and I just pretend to be taller even though I'm not but nobody knows so I feel pretty good with my Height Increasing Insoles For Men.

Since everything is just about your mind so as long as you feel you are taller and as long as it makes you happy you should where Height Increasing Insoles For Men. I mean women wear high heels after all and nobody judges them.